What Are The Benefits Of Yoga In Our Life 2023

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What Are The Benefits Of Yoga In Our Life 2023

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga In Our Life

It Is A Very Good Anti-depressant And Reduces Stress:

Yoga is helpful in dealing with depression and anxiety disorders. Because of the increase in breathing, yoga increases the oxygen supply to the brain which calms down your mind and reduces stress.

A regular practice of Yoga helps you attain peace of mind (Shamatha) which can be beneficial during stressful times or for those suffering from depression.

Relieve Gas:

The benefits of yoga also include relieving gas. Yoga helps relieve gas through various breathing techniques which can help you get some sound sleep without waking up every little while to deal with gas.

It also increases your digestive strength by regulating normal bowel movements and automatically helps in relieving the body of excess air that builds up throughout the day, especially after meals.

Increases Immunity:

Yoga boosts our immunity system by increasing T cell production and antibodies like IgA and IgG which protect us from diseases like cold and flu etc.

Increased production of cortisol (stress hormone) limits the effectiveness of T cells but yoga has been found to reduce cortisol levels hence keeping our immune system strong.

Yoga Helps You Lose Weight:

Yoga increases Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which speeds up the fat-burning process and aids in weight loss. A regular routine of yoga increases BMR by 15-20 percent for 2 hours after the practice is over.

It helps to decrease body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, abdominal fat, and Blood Pressure (BP). Practicing yoga regularly will help you maintain a healthy weight without much struggle.

Yoga Helps You Get Sound Sleep:

Deep relaxation during yoga practice releases chemicals in your body that help you relax, calm the mind and eventually fall asleep faster. Proper restful sleep can help to rejuvenate us for the next day’s activities.

According to Dr. Rasa Paul who specializes in Yoga Therapy, “The poses have a calming effect on the nervous system which helps regulate breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.

” She says, “It triggers memory centers in the brain so it would be easier for you to recall dreams when you are sleeping but without the dullness of being groggy or exhausted!”

Reduces Back Pain

Yoga increases the flexibility of muscles surrounding the spine hence decreasing stress on spinal discs which are helpful in reducing back pain.

Yoga also increases strength and helps to develop muscles that support the spine hence you feel less strain, aches, or pain in your back.

Helps You Relax:

Yoga reduces stress and fatigue and gives a sense of well-being by lowering cortisol levels (stress hormone) and reducing breathing rates.

It brings calmness and relaxation by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system which makes us feel rejuvenated after practice. It also improves blood circulation to various parts of the body as it stretches them during asanas (poses).

Increases Concentration:

Yoga helps you focus on the present moment even when your mind is full of thoughts for the future or past with its breathing techniques which bring oxygen supply to our brain and make our mind more alert and focused making better decisions.

Helps You Maintain Your Figure:

Yoga helps to tone your body with its intense workouts without the need of lifting weights which helps to reduce overall weight from different body parts hence maintaining a leaner figure.

It also develops strength of all muscles in the body, especially the core muscles around the spine that supports good posture and healthy functioning of the digestive system improving digestion and elimination processes.

(Kundalini Yoga can help you activate energy centers along the spine for physical, mental & emotional balance).

Reduces Back Pain:

As mentioned earlier yoga increases the flexibility of muscles surrounding the spine, reduces stress on spinal discs, and strengthens the core abdominal muscles which decreases pressure on the lower back alleviating pain.

Yoga Relieves Menstrual Pain:

Yoga reduces stress that causes pelvic cramps during menstruation because of the increased production of the cortisol hormone.

It teaches women to relax muscles in the pelvis and decreases the flow of blood from the uterus hence reducing cramps and pain associated with it.

Helps You Get Pregnant Easily:

Asanas (yoga poses) help to increase fertility by improving blood circulation throughout the body especially to the reproductive area, opening up blocked fallopian tubes, regulating hormones, and stimulating ovaries which helps in conceiving a baby even after difficult pregnancies when a woman is unable to conceive naturally.

(Kundalini Yoga can help activate energy centers along the spine for physical, mental & emotional balance).

Improves Digestion:

Yoga ensures proper blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body and also helps to detoxify the organs allowing smooth functioning of the digestive system and leading to better assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste products from the body. Regular practice can help decrease minor stomach ailments, constipation, acidity, and other problems related to the digestive system.

Help Lose Weight Easily:

Yoga is a natural remedy for losing weight as it increases your metabolic rate which burns more calories without any special diet or exercise program.

It also helps you learn to eat healthy by practicing various breathing techniques that help us stay away from junk food addiction. Various yoga poses require movement in muscles which further increases your calorie burn helping you reach your ideal weight faster than ever before.

Helps Maintain Bone Health:

Yoga helps to strengthen bones by increasing the thickness of existing bone mass and also helps to control osteoporosis, arthritis, and gout by strengthening tendons, ligaments, and muscles around the joints.

It keeps your body flexible throughout life which prevents injuries that could lead to fractures or other problems related to bones. (Kundalini Yoga can help activate energy centers along the spine for physical, mental & emotional balance).

Increases Flexibility:

Yoga increases flexibility in different muscles of our body especially hips, back, inner thighs, neck, and shoulder region resulting in increased mobility while walking or doing any daily chores without getting tired quickly due to muscle stiffness caused due to lack of exercise.

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